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About Us

IG Construction is a well-established building company located in Northeastern Illinois. For nearly three decades the company’s experience has spanned general contracting, framing, remodeling, high-end custom home building, and urban infill projects.

We have teams of highly qualified professionals are fluent in all aspects of the real estate and construction industry and work with clients to maximize their investment.  From land acquisition to building design, permitting and construction, plus assistance with selections, IG Construction delivers projects that stand well above the rest.

IG Construction has forged architect partnerships respond to market trends and the needs of the clients- both commercial and residential. Our extensive experience in the industry allows us to advise clients and minimize choices that can often mean unnecessary expense.

Our commitment is to provide an exceptional building experience.  Our buildings are distinguished by the integration of an intelligent, cost-efficient approach, energy-efficient systems, unparalleled design sensibilities and service.


I.G. Construction Mission Statement

With roots in strong and long-lasting core values, IG Construction has a passionate commitment to key relationships, talented professionals, and to excellence in every phase of its building and development business.

We are committed to:

  • Guidance: This focus is a team-wide commitment to build a trusting relationship with our clients in the effort to maximize the investment in their homes and land.
  • Knowledge: At the center of this knowledge-sharing initiative is our ability to believe in our business culture, our familiarity with building products and our understanding of Net Zero Energy Building, Building Green, and Government Incentives to maximize our clients’ asset.
  • Clients: Client satisfaction is the key at IG Construction. Our pursuit is detail driven in order to enhance quality at every turn. We respond with speed, and with urgency. Our hard-working staff looks and acts in a professional manner at all times. This quality is built into the IG Construction culture. It supports who we are as a building and development company. It strengthens and maintains our relationships. It keeps us always focused on excellence.
  • Vision: IG Construction has a long-term vision because we’re a client oriented business. Our patient approach to our clients, allows their trust and relationships to grow with us. Our staff and clients are linked together by a common passion to build the extraordinary, and to stand out from the ordinary.


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Our understanding of building principles, products, and Incentives maximize client assets.

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