Construction Consulting

Construction Management Consulting

As consultant our goal is to support our client with a method to produce the highest quality project and on time and within budget. We use our extensive experience in general construction contracting, and residential and commercial development.

Our own process is established to manage and deliver our own quality developments. We use this same method, to give the owner more effective control from start to finish. This comprehensive service covers the full scope of construction, whether it is the full job from planning to completion; or a task to meet your specific need. The consulting service is to promote the best interest of our client on his project.

Consider I. G. Construction to help you make the best decisions. We have completed multiple sophisticated, high end buildings for our residential and commercial customers.
By starting early, the chances for smooth trouble free project are better. We provide insight to get you started and do the legwork to complement your ideas. It may be your entire project, or one particular stage of construction. We have the skills and expertise to handle the toughest issues throughout the construction process

* Location, selection and design
* Planning, Bids
* Construction estimates, evaluation and Budget development

Handling day to day issues to meet your needs

* Project Scheduling
* Construction Startup
* Implementation

Construction coordination

* Our process involves constant coordination of subcontractors and suppliers
* Contract development
* Budget and schedule monitoring

Personal Touches and Completion

* Bring project to life with your personal touch
* Final preparation
* Inspections
* Closing
* Follow-up

Successful completion of a project has many demands for time and skills related to construction management and day to day operation. We can dedicate the time to handle the complex challenges. As consultant we are responsible our client and act in your interest at every, or any stage of the project.

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Our understanding of building principles, products, and Incentives maximize client assets.

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