We offer our investors an opportunity to realize a greater return on their investment.  With our real estate knowledge, extensive real estate brokerage experience, and a clear understanding of the greater Northeastern Illinois and North Shore housing market, we have strategies in motion and ready for your participation.

The northeastern Illinois real estate market is on the rebound; however, it is still an opportune time to acquire a distressed property, properties with highly motivated sellers, properties that will net greater returns after renovation, or zoned and improved vacant land.

Currently, the market sits with no new construction, so for the shrewd investor with access to capital, it can often be a commitment worth making. “Investors are buying for the long term,” say the investment professionals.  These long-term buys typically ride out the ups and downs of economic cycles. We 100% believe that if you can invest now, then you will do very, very well.

In fact, the luxury home market seems to have been exploding in Chicagoland-area. Listings priced as high as $32 million have been redefining the high end of the Chicagoland home market. Even through the economic down turn luxury housing transactions remain impressive.

We are ready to assist buyers and sellers who have the ability to act quickly and close transactions without cumbersome contingencies. Acquisition opportunities submitted for consideration will be treated confidentially and responded to rapidly.

Interested investors should contact our office for more information:  phone 847.520.1525, fax 847.520.1552 or email  igconst@gmail.com

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Our understanding of building principles, products, and Incentives maximize client assets.

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